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Toralei Stripe, hija del hombre gato 馃拃馃惐 MH: Garden Ghouls (2017)

Treesa Thornwillow 馃尦馃崈 Garden Ghouls (2017)

Twyla Boogeyman, hija de El Coco 馃拃馃懟 Garden Ghouls (2017)

Jada Hindwing (lib茅lula) , Fyra Sparks (luci茅rnaga) y Beeanca Stinger (abeja) Garden Ghouls (2017)

Clawdeen Wolf Pack -Monster Family 馃拃❤️馃彴

Draculaura & Dracula 2 Pack : Vampire Kitchen Playset -Monster Family 馃拃❤️馃彴

Clawdeen & Clawd Wolf pack

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New DC SHG listings

Bedroom 6" Assortment
Recreate the fun of attending Super hero high with these DC Super hero girls play sets that feature a 6-inch action figure and bedroom set. Choose from sets inspired by roommates Wonder Woman or Harley Quinn. Each comes with a desk accessory that has a transformation feature, a chair, a bed and a headboard with characteristic colors and details. Smaller pieces add to the storytelling fun. The action figures are ready for action-packed dreams dressed in signature pajamas with an iconic super hero accessory.
Wonder Woman
Harley Quinn

Premium Action Dolls 12"Assortment
It’s two-in-one looks and double the fun with these Super Hero Girls action dolls. Inspired by key entertainment to be released in Fall 2017, they’re ready to go from one scene to another in outfits that transform. One look features a gown and the other is ready for action with cool hero gear. Choose from favorite characters that include Wonder Woman, Super girl and Starfire. Includes 12-inch doll with transforming look and accessories.
Wonder Woman

Batgirl & Vehicle Playset
The DC Super hero girls Batgirl action figure and her transforming headquarters vehicle hold multiple surprises! Open the side of the colorful van upward to reveal a mission headquarters with a cockpit seat that swivels and two chairs for Super hero friends to join the mission (other action figures sold separately). The roof becomes a second level with a wardrobe for Batgirl action figure, complete with a second outfit. And to capture even more delight, the back of the vehicle pulls down to reveal a secret net launcher – load with the net and push the button to launch the projectile and capture your villain! close up and push on rolling wheels to drive to the next mission. Includes Batgirl action figure and transforming vehicle with second outfit and net launcher.​

New MH listings

Family Multipack Assortment
Play out all kinds of family fun with the Monster High ghouls and their younger siblings. These multipacks include a favorite Monster High character along with a sibling or two. Fashion and accessories are themed to play out classic moments in monsterrific ways. Choose from Lagoona Blue doll and her sister Kelpie doll ready to make waves at the beach or Clawdeen Wolf doll and her two cub siblings heading to bed. Each doll wears a fashion that showcases her, or his, personality and the activity, like swimsuits for the daughters of a sea monster and pajamas for the children of a werewolf. Accessories, like beach gear or bedtime pieces, complete each set.
Clawdeen Wolf & her two cub siblings
Lagoona Blue & Kelpie Blue
Family Sister 5.5" Doll Assortment
Meet the younger siblings of Monster High! Designed in small scale (5.5 inches) with a new form factor, they come with a themed piece count that helps to tell fun family stories. Choose from the younger siblings of Clawdeen Wolf doll ready for a sleepover, Lagoona Blue doll with pool accessories and Draculaura doll prepared to cook up a meal. Each doll has monsterrific details that indicate a younger age, like a fluffy tail for the young daughter of a werewolf, finned feet for the young daughter of a sea monster and bat wings and larger bat ears for the young daughter of a vampire. Fashions are clawesome and accessories awesome.
Pawla Wolf
Ebbie Blue

Garden Of Frights Doll Assortment
Meet the winged ghouls of this Monster High garden – with gore-geous wings, they help imagination take flight! Shoes are cool and a headpiece bug-themed. Doll wears a vibrant look with elements inspired by the garden and her monster legacy.
Cleo de Nile
At nearly 15 inches tall, this Monster High garden ghoul really grows on you – the tree girl doll becomes a play set as you spread out her branches and open her trunk! Unclip her legs to let your imagination roam with the doll. Tree girl doll wears a vibrantly colored outfit with cool shoes and a tree-inspired headpiece. Six included garden-inspired pieces (flowers, bugs and a spider web) can be attached to the set in various places to uniquely decorate tree girl doll’s look and illustrate your garden stories. In addition, other pieces throughout the line can also connect for collecting fun.

Garden Of Frights Bug 5.25" Doll Assortment
Meet the ghouls of this Monster High garden – adorable winged bug characters who live there. Designed in small scale (5.25 inches) with a new form factor, they come with a small plant for storytelling fun. Choose from a dragonfly doll, bee doll and firefly doll. Each wears a brightly colored outfit with shoes and headpiece and has vibrantly colored hair and bright wings. The plant friends are unique and connect to the larger tree girl (sold separately) – there’s flower-inspired piece for the dragonfly, a beehive for the bee and a mushroom for the firefly.
Jada Hindwing
Beeanca Stinger
Fyra Sparks

Deluxe School Bus & Spa Playset
Hop on this Monster High bus for some Monster High magic – it transforms into a spa-themed play set for two-in-one fun! As a bus, the vehicle sports Monster High colors and details for signature style. But pull the bumper to open the side, flip the top and reveal the spa with rooftop lounge, then pull a little more to swivel six seats for access to a piranha pedicure. Pull up the mirror to create a primping station, lift up the smoothie station for a healthy treat and flip open the hood to reveal the Jacuzzi. When everyone is gore-geous, close up the spa and head back on the road to let your imagination go​​​.
Draculaura Kitchen Playset & Doll
This Monster High play set features Draculaura doll and a kitchen setting ready to host a feast for two. Dracula’s home kitchen includes a stovetop and oven piece, a sink with refrigerator below and a table with chairs for two. The design includes popular colors, iconic details (like spider webs, lots of bats and a glam chandelier) and working features like a door that opens and closes on the refrigerator. Fun food accessories help spark stories and include a mixer, pots, pans, desserts and even a menu.​
Minis Draculara Playset
Enter the house of Dracula with this cool castle play set that comes with a Draculaura mini. Three floors offer colorful design, iconic elements and fun surprises. On the first-floor, young ghouls can lift up the lid in the kitchen to reveal monster food or “magically” move a mini using the bookcase in the library. On the second floor, a pull of the flush handle on the toilet in the second-floor bathroom pops up the lid and knocks the mini off. Draculaura mini’s bedroom hides on the third floor. Open the clock to let her sleep hanging upside down; when the clock face is closed, the bat pops out. Other fun elements include a mini swing on the first floor, a study room on the second and a rooftop deck on the turret.

Apple White & Madeline Hatter